Host a Photo Campaign
Learn how to use hashtags to organize photos around a particular theme or campaign.
Using hashtags to organize submissions
Hashtags make it easy for you to collect photos from your followers around a certain theme. To use hashtags, simply add a hashtag (example: #car) to your photo's caption. Users will then be able to tap on the hashtag and see a page with the most recent photos shared publicly that were tagged with the same hashtag. Learn more about hashtag search results.
RSS feeds
Every hashtag has an RSS feed associated with it, making it easy to subscribe to view new photos. If you're interested, simply point your favorite feed reader to[hashtag name]/feed/recent.rss (where [hashtag name] is the name of the hashtag without the leading #). This allows event organizers or anyone with a feed reader to follow along with live photos as they're tagged.
For examples of brands that have created photo campaigns, check out the Instagram for Business blog. To learn more ways you can use Instagram to share your brand's unique point of view, visit our Instagram for Business site.
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