Use the paid partnership tool to tag organic branded content on Threads
When you create organic branded content on Threads, our branded content policies require that you use the paid partnership tool to indicate when a commercial relationship has influenced the post. You should also mention the brand you are working with in the post.
Before you begin
Use the paid partnership tool
Below are steps to use the paid partnership tool when you start a new thread. Posts can include: carousels, text, photos and videos.
To use the paid partnership tool:
Threads app for Android and iPhone
  1. When starting a new thread, tap more in the top right.
  2. Tap Mark as paid partnership.
    • Note: You can remove the paid partnership tag before posting your thread by tapping more in the top right and then tapping Remove paid partnership.
  3. As part of the text, enter, “@” followed immediately by the username of the brand you are working with.
  4. When you are ready, tap Post in the bottom right.
Keep in mind
  • A post’s text can be edited within 5 minutes of posting. If you can no longer edit a post, you have the option to delete the post.
  • Partnership Ads and Boosting of organic branded posts are not currently supported in Threads. Learn about Partnership Ads on Instagram.
  • Once your thread has been posted with the brand mention and the paid partnership tag, your brand partner will receive a notification. Brand partners cannot remove Paid Partnership disclosures on Threads at this time.
  • Insights for Threads posts aren’t currently available.
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