Account Status on Instagram
Account Status is a way to find out if something you’ve posted (like comments, posts, or stories) has been removed for going against our Community Guidelines and if it may lead to account restrictions and limitations, such as certain features on Instagram you can no longer use, or your account being taken down.
If your content is removed for violating Community Guidelines, you’ll be notified in the Instagram app. The removal will also be listed in Account Status, which you can check at any time. If your content was taken down and you think it doesn't go against our Community Guidelines, you can request a review in most circumstances.
If you have a professional account, you can also use Account Status to see if you’ve posted content or have something on your profile (like your profile photo or bio) that goes against our Recommendations Guidelines. Our Recommendations Guidelines help us decide which public accounts’ content may be eligible to be recommended in places like Explore, Reels and Feed Recommendations to people who don’t already follow you.
From Account Status you can view a sample of the content (like posts or reels) you posted that goes against our Recommendations Guidelines and learn more about the guideline that applies to your content. You can also edit or remove the content, or request a review if you disagree with our decision. Note that these guidelines only apply to public accounts and recommendations to people who don’t follow you. Even if you’re not eligible to be recommended, your content can still reach your followers.
Learn more about how to check your Account Status on Instagram.
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