Should I use apps that offer likes and followers on Instagram?
If you've shared your username and password with one of these apps, you should change your Instagram password to protect your account.
Some non-Instagram apps offer likes or followers in exchange for your Instagram login details. None of these services are affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram, and you should never let anyone else access your Instagram account. Accounts that generate inauthentic activity are also against Instagram's Community Guidelines.
If you give these apps your login information, whether with an access token or by giving them your username and password, they can gain complete access to your account. They can see your personal messages, find information about your friends, and potentially post spam or other harmful content on your profile. This puts your security, and the security of your friends, at risk.
If it looks like you've shared your login details with one of these apps, we may remove any likes or other engagement that they generated. Accounts that continue to use non-Instagram apps to get more followers may notice that certain parts of their Instagram account are limited.
Learn more about how to keep your account secure.
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