Required identification for Meta Verified profiles on Instagram
When you subscribe your profile to Meta Verified on Instagram, you’ll need to upload photos of a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity and complete the verification process.

Your government-issued photo ID needs to:
  • Include your name, photo, and date of birth
  • Have a photo that shows your full face clearly
  • Match your profile name if your existing profile name doesn’t meet our Meta Verified naming standards

Tips for uploading IDs

When you take photos of your valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity, make sure you:
  • Use a well-lit area.
  • Place your ID on a flat surface with a contrasting background.
  • Can clearly read the text in the photos.

We may not accept your ID photos if they are:
  • Too blurry
  • Too dark or not taken in a well-lit room
  • Missing the required information
  • A picture of a screenshot or a photo-copied ID
  • Not properly visible with all four corners in the frame

Video selfie verification

As part of the verification process, you may be asked to upload a video selfie to confirm your identity. You’ll see instructions on your screen for how to take a video selfie of your whole face.
Our technology analyzes the video to estimate the location of parts of your face (like your eyes). The information helps us distinguish videos of live people from videos of photographs used to impersonate live people.
A snapshot of the video is sent to human reviewers to compare it with the profile picture on your account. The information is processed to confirm you're a real person. This takes a few seconds before getting deleted. Your video won’t be visible on your profile, to friends, or other people on Instagram.
If you already have an existing verified badge based on prior requirements, you can still sign up for Meta Verified.
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