Instagram on the Web

Discover Instagram on the Web

You can access your account on the web by going to and logging in with your Instagram username and password. You can also view your profile by going to[username].

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Photos and videos posted by you and people you're following appear in your Instagram Feed. To get to your Feed on a computer browser, go to and log in with your credentials or click Instagram.

On a mobile web browser, tap in the bottom left corner.

You can double click a post to like it and go directly to a profile by visiting[username].

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Tap or click in the top right and then tap or click Edit Profile to edit your public bio (your name, username, biography and website). Once you're done, scroll down and tap or click Submit.

Some profile information isn't visible to anyone but you. This includes your email address, phone number and sex.

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From a computer:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Click Search at the top of the page and enter the name, hashtag or place you’re looking for

From mobile web on your phone:

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Tap at the bottom of the screen and enter the name, hashtag or place you’re looking for
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You can still add a profile picture or change your current one when viewing Instagram on the web. To add, delete, or change your profile picture:

  1. Tap or click .
  2. Tap or click your profile photo or the blank circle next to your username.
  3. Choose to upload a new photo or remove your current one.
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To view your Activity notifications on Instagram on the web, tap or clickat the top of the screen.

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Privacy & Settings

If your posts are set to public, anyone will be able to see your profile by visiting[your username] on the web.

If your posts are set to private, your photos will be visible to people logged into Instagram who you've approved to follow you.

Learn more about adjusting your privacy settings. The privacy settings you set on mobile are the same as your privacy settings on the web.

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If your account is public, anyone can like or comment on your photos and videos. If you want to prevent specific people from liking or commenting on your posts, you can block them.

If your account is private, only the people you've approved as followers will be able to like or comment on your photos and videos.

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Your profile will be indexed on the web, but search engines aren't allowed to index your photos.

If you have questions about your profile in search listings, you'll have to contact the specific search engine’s support team:

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Report Abuse

If you're using Instagram on the web (ex: on a computer or web browser) and you see something that isn't following our Community Guidelines, you can either report the account of the person who posted it or report the post.

  • To report someone's account, go to their profile and click next to their username. Select Report user. Then click the type of account you want to report and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To report a post, click below the post. Then click Report inappropriate and follow the on-screen instructions.

Keep in mind that you can also report abuse while using the Instagram app.

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To report potential copyright violations, please follow these instructions.

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