What kind of reels you may see on Instagram
On Instagram, you can find and view public and suggested reels in places like the Reels tab, Explore, and in your feed. You’ll see reels from accounts you follow and from suggested accounts. The suggested reels you see are recommended to you based on a variety of factors, including which accounts you follow and the reels you’ve watched, liked or engaged with recently.

In addition to the above, Instagram recommends reels that:

  • May be entertaining for a wide audience
  • Can inspire people to create (example: start a trend others can participate in)
  • Have music from the Instagram music library or original audio that is made with the Reels audio tool
  • Are filmed vertically
  • Show events that are meaningful and relevant to our community

We aim to show you less reels that:

  • Are muted, blurry, low resolution
  • Contain borders, logos, watermarks
  • Have the majority of the image is covered by text
  • Aren't own original videos
  • Focus on political issues
  • Go against our Community Guidelines (example: contains hate speech or graphic violence) or our Recommendation Guidelines
Note: reels from people you follow will still be shown on profile and feed and we won’t make them less visible. Learn how to find reels to watch on Instagram.
Visit the Meta Transparency Center for information on how an artificial intelligence (AI) system selects, ranks and delivers the content you see on Instagram Reels.
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