What audio you can use in your reel on Instagram
You can record a reel with your own original audio, with original audio by another Reels creator, or with audio from the Instagram audio library using the Audio tool in Reels. Note that you can’t use original audio from a feed video unless you remix the video.

Original audio

Original audio is unique audio you created, either while filming your reel in the Instagram app or in a video you uploaded, or unique audio by another Reels creator. When someone posts a reel with original audio, it will display their username.

When you post a reel on a public account, anyone on Instagram can record a reel using your original audio. If your account is set to private, no one will be able to record a reel using your original audio.

If you upload licensed audio as original audio, we may change the description to the artist's name and song.

Licensed audio

Licensed audio is copyrighted audio available on the Instagram audio library and includes things like music, movies, TV shows and sound effects. All licensed audio must be attributed or linked to the artist and include the name of the track.
Keep in mind that as we make sure to uphold our agreements with music rights holders, audio tracks in your posts can become muted as a result of any changes made to these agreements. While the audio tracks of your post may be muted, your post can still be viewed.
Muted audio
If your reel has a muted audio track, you may see a notification to replace the audio when you view it. You can replace the audio with another licensed audio that’s available from the Instagram audio library. You can only do this once. You may also receive a notification in Activity.
  1. From the muted reel, tap Replace audio and select the audio you want to use.
  2. Choose the part you want for your reel, then tap Done in the top right.
  3. Tap Done again to confirm.
You can also tap more actions (Android) or more actions (iPhone) at the bottom of your reel, then tap Manage, Edit and follow steps 1 - 3 above.
If you don’t see the option to edit the audio, you can save the reel to your camera roll, delete it from your feed and re-upload it to Instagram. Note that when your reel is shared again to Instagram, you will lose any previous view counts and insights.
Attributed audio

Why did I receive a notification that my reel was added to an audio page?

When we detect the audio you recorded or uploaded uses licensed audio, we’ll automatically change attribution from Original Audio to the artist and song title. Your reel will be added to the audio page for that song, where more people on Instagram may find it.

What if the attribution is wrong?

If we’ve identified the wrong audio track, you can remove your reel from the audio page. Tap more options (Android) or more actions (iPhone) at the bottom of the reel, then tap Remove From Audio Page. Your audio will be attributed to you and will say Original Audio next to your username.
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