Using stickers on Instagram

If you're not seeing certain stickers on Instagram, make sure your app is updated to the latest version by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store.

When you share a photo or video to your story, you can add stickers to express yourself in fun and unique ways.

From your story, tap to add stickers. From there, you can:

  • Add a countdown sticker to count down to any moment. After you select the countdown sticker, you can tap to customize the name, date and time, and color (by tapping the color picker). When followers see your countdown sticker in your story, they can tap the arrow in the corner of the sticker to remind them or share your countdown to their story. When the countdown ends, you and everyone who turned on reminders for your countdown will receive a notification.
  • Add a questions sticker so people can ask you a question or send you a song. First tap the questions sticker and then select to let people ask you a question, or tap to let people send you a song. People can tap the sticker in your story, then type a question to ask you or send you a song. When you view your own story and swipe up, you can see who responded. Tap a response from someone to share it. Keep in mind that when you share someone's question or song, their photo and username won't be shown.
  • Add a music sticker and search for a song. You can move the sticker and edit which part of the song you want to play in your story. This sticker is only available in some countries right now.
  • Add a poll sticker or emoji slider sticker to write your own question and customize the answers. People can respond by tapping an option you've provided or sliding the emoji you've chosen. Once published, your followers can vote and see realtime results. When you view your story and swipe up, you can see how many votes each option received and how each person voted.
  • Add a location sticker by searching for or selecting nearby options. When people see your story, they'll be able to tap the sticker and view the page for that location.
  • Add a hashtag sticker. When people see your story, they'll be able to tap the sticker and view the page for the hashtag you enter.
  • Add a current time or weather sticker. These stickers are based on information from your device and your current location.
  • Add a selfie sticker by tapping and taking a photo. You can tap the sticker for more options.
  • Pin stickers to a fixed spot in your video. After taking a video, add a sticker, then tap it and hold. Use the slider bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the video to find where you want to pin the sticker. Move the sticker and tap Pin.
  • Find your recently used stickers by swiping right.
  • Rotate and resize a sticker by using two fingers to pinch and zoom.
  • Delete a sticker by dragging and dropping it on at the bottom of the screen.

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