Ways to shop on Instagram
Purchasing on a shop's website may not be available in every country.
You can shop on Instagram from accounts with shops.
Shopping on Instagram
To shop on Instagram:
In Feed and Explore
  1. Tap a post with a shop to reveal tagged products.
  2. Tap a product tag to view the product page.
  3. Complete your purchase on Instagram or on the shop's website.
In Stories
  1. Tap a story with a product sticker to view the product page.
  2. Complete your purchase on Instagram or on the shop's website.
If someone shares a shop or a collection of products in their story:
  1. Tap the photo, then tap View shop or View collection.
  2. Tap a product to view the product page and complete your purchase.
On some stories, some shops and businesses may include a Link sticker that takes you directly to their website to complete your purchase.
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In Reels
  1. Tap View products at the bottom of a reel.
  2. Tap to save a product. Or, tap a product to view the product page.
  3. Complete your purchase on Instagram or on the shop's website.
In shops on Instagram
  1. Go to the profile of the shop you want to browse.
  2. Tap View shop.
  3. From within a shop, you can browse and buy products on Instagram or on the shop's website.
Learn more about how shops on Instagram work.
In Instagram Direct
Qualifying sellers who have set up business accounts on Instagram are able to sell items in Instagram Direct.
If you see an item you want to buy on a participating seller’s profile, tap Message to create a chat between you and the seller. After confirming your order details, the seller will send you a payment request which you can fulfill in Instagram Direct using Meta Pay or a third-party payment method. You must be at least 18 years old to buy something in Instagram Direct.
Please be aware that only purchases made on Instagram are protected by our Purchase Protection Policy.
You may also be able to purchase products from shops through ads on Instagram.
How do saved products work on Instagram?
You can save products that you're interested in. If you save products, you can buy them on Instagram or on the shop's website at a later time.
You can save any product by tapping . You can also move items from your cart to your saved products to buy later.
Please be aware that products can be removed from shops at any time. If a product is removed from a shop, it will also be removed from your saved products or cart.
Learn more about how saved products work on Instagram.
Note: Items that you saved to Wishlist now live in Saved products.
How does setting reminders for product launches work?
Accounts you follow with shops may post about upcoming product launches on Instagram.
You can set a reminder through a shop's story about the launch or on the product page to get notified before the launch.
If you set a reminder, you'll receive a notification 24 hours prior and 15 minutes prior to the launch. You'll also receive a notification at the scheduled launch time.
When the product launches, you can checkout without leaving Instagram.
You can add your delivery and payment information before the launch to prepare since some products sell out quickly.
What if I have a question about a purchase I made on an Instagram product page?
If you bought something on Instagram, you can get help with your order.
For questions about a purchase you made through the shop's website, please contact the shop directly.
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