How do I shop on Instagram?

Purchasing on the brand's website may not be available in every country.

You can shop brands that you already follow on Instagram in places like Feed and Stories, or discover new brands in Search & Explore.

You can also save products from posts featuring a to your shopping collection. Note that the shopping collection feature is only available on the latest update of Instagram on Android or IOS.

To shop on Instagram:

  • In Feed and Stories: Tap in a post or story from brands you follow. Tap the post again to reveal the item name and price. Tap once more to view the product description and visit their website to shop the item.
  • In Search & Explore: Go to Search & Explore by tapping . At the top of your screen, find and tap Shopping. Then tap any post that has to shop from brands you're not already following.
How do I save a product to my shopping collection?

You can save any product from a post that features a to your shopping collection by tapping on the . Your shopping collection is not shown publicly on your profile.

How can I find my shopping collection?

To find and review your shopping collection:

  1. Go to your profile and tap at the top right.
  2. Tap Saved .
  3. Tap .
What if I have a question about a purchase I made on an Instagram product page?

For questions about a product or a purchase you've made, please contact the seller directly.

How do I report inappropriate products on Instagram?

You can report a product or a business profile that you think may violate our policies.

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