Notifications about hurtful comments or content
We want Instagram to be a safe and respectful space for everyone. If a comment, reel, or post you shared on Instagram is reported by others, you may receive a notification letting you know that it may have been hurtful to others.
The notification will show you the content that was flagged and give you the option to delete or keep it. Sometimes people create content that may be offensive or hurtful to others. You may not have meant to cause any harm, but this notification will help you know if your content may be impacting others negatively.
The people who reported your content are anonymous, and you can’t respond to their reports.
How these notifications differ from violations
You may receive this notification even if your content doesn’t go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines or recommendation guidelines. This notification doesn’t affect your account status or recommendation status. Learn more about how recommendations on Instagram work.
Note: Receiving this notification does not mean that your content does not violate our Community Guidelines or recommendation guidelines. It is possible that Instagram has not reviewed the content yet. However, you will receive a separate notification if the content goes against our guidelines.
Learn more about reporting on Instagram.
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