Create a New Ad with Product Tags
Ads with product tags drive people directly to a product details page. Shoppers can then make purchases from your business’s website or purchase directly in-app (for businesses that use Checkout on Instagram).
Advertisers can run existing shoppable posts as ads with product tags or create new ads with product tags in Ads Manager.
To create a new ad with product tags:
  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Select +Create.
  3. Choose an objective (brand awareness, reach, post engagement, link clicks and conversions are available for this ad solution).
  4. Select your audience.
  5. Select Edit Placements and select Instagram Feed and/or Instagram Explore as the placement.
    • You can also select Automatic Placements, in which case your ad will run as an ad with product tags on Instagram Feed and Instagram Explore and as an ad without product tags on all other placements.
  6. At the ad level, upload a creative that you’d like to tag your products in.
    • Single-media, carousel and video formats available. Businesses must add a product tag to every Carousel image in order to run it as an ad with product tags.
  7. Select Edit Media, then select Product Tags under Creative Tools.
  8. Select catalog and search within Tagged Products to select products.
  9. Drag and drop product tags to the correct location on the ad preview to the right.
  10. Select Save.
  11. Finish the details for your ad and select Continue.
You’ve now set up a new ad with product tags. You can track the performance of your campaign the same way you’d measure other campaigns.
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