How do I verify my identity for a personal fundraiser on Instagram?
After starting a fundraiser, you’ll need to verify your bank account and personal information. You may need to upload a photo of your ID (example: passport, driving license, or government ID). The name on the payout details must match the name you entered when you set up your fundraiser. Your information will be sent to Stripe, the payment processor for your donations. It will be used to confirm your identity.
If you're asked to provide an ID to confirm ownership of your account, make sure to submit your personal, government-issued ID. Learn which types of identification are accepted by Stripe.
If you've started more than one fundraiser, you can see which bank account you previously authorized to receive payouts.
To verify your identity:
  1. Go to Start Payments under the Fundraiser banner, then tap Add.
  2. Once you verify your required information, tap Next.
  3. When requested for your ID, tap Add front of ID photo and take a photo of your ID.
  4. Next, tap Add back of ID photo and take a photo of the reverse side of your ID.
  5. Tap Send to Stripe , then tap OK
You will receive a notification if Stripe approves your ID verification in your feed. If your ID verification is rejected, please make sure you are in a well-lit area and using a high-resolution camera phone before trying again.
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