Update Your Product Catalog Domain

When you add products to your catalog for Instagram Shopping, your items must come from a single domain. When you set up Instagram Shopping, you’ll be shown a list of all domains to which products in your catalog link and will be asked to choose a primary domain. This is the only domain to which you’ll be able to send people from the products you tag on Instagram or add to your shop. You will not be able to tag or add products from your catalog which link to a different domain.

Subdomains and regional domains are supported. If you use a web host or other third party platform, please make sure it supports the ability for you to verify your domain if needed. Your domain must also have products available for direct sale.

To update your catalog’s product URLs, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Catalog (this will probably be in Catalog Manager or on an ecommerce platform you work with).
  2. Update the URL links to be from a single domain. There are several ways to do this:
    • Use a Feed Upload Template. This option is best for merchants with large inventory sets. You can use a CSV file and update the column with your product URLs to ensure that all your products come from a single domain. You can download the template here.
    • Manual Editing. This option is best if you only have a few products that require updating. You can go to your inventory management platform and manually update the links by editing individual products.
    • Create your own website. If you host products on a third party platform and would like to use Instagram Shopping, you’ll need to work with that platform to set a website.
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