Threads Supplemental Privacy Policy

Effective November 13, 2023

Threads is a service provided by Instagram and is part of the Instagram platform. The Threads service allows Instagram users to create a Threads profile as part of their Instagram account, and then to share, view, and interact with content on the Threads app and website (“Threads”), as further described in the Threads Terms of Use. Threads will also integrate with third-party services (“Third Party Services”) via an interoperable protocol, which will allow Threads users to share content with, view and interact with content from, follow, and be followed by people outside of Threads who use such services (“Third Party Users”). This integration with Third Party Services is not available at launch, but will be coming to Threads soon. You may deactivate or delete your Threads profile at any time.
The Meta Privacy Policy describes the information we process to support the Meta Products, including Threads. This Threads Supplemental Privacy Policy supplements the Meta Privacy Policy by including additional detail regarding the information that we collect, process, and share to support Threads, including when you interact with Threads using a Third Party Service. In addition, please see the Meta Cookies Policy for information regarding our use of cookies and other similar technologies.

What information do we collect?

The Meta Privacy Policy describes the information we collect. Below, please find additional detail regarding information we collect when you use or interact with Threads:
  • Information you provide to us: We collect information you provide to us when you use or interact with Threads, including:
    • Threads Profile Information: We collect the information you provide when you create your Threads profile, including your name, email address, and settings and preferences. Because your Threads profile is part of your Instagram account, some of your Threads profile information is provided from or managed by your Instagram account, such as your name and username. To change your Threads username, you must change your Instagram username.
    • Threads Activity: When you use Threads, we collect information about your activity on Threads, including the content you create, the types of content you view or interact with and how you interact with it, metadata about your content, the Threads features you use and how you use them, the hashtags you use, and the time, frequency, and duration of your activities on Threads. Learn more about activity information in the Meta Privacy Policy.
    • Threads Followers and Other Connections: We collect information about followers, and other users and communities you’re connected to and interact with. This includes how you interact with them across Threads, Instagram, and other Meta Products, and which ones you interact with the most. Because Threads is part of Instagram, we use Instagram information to improve the experience of following and connecting with others on Threads (and vice versa), including by helping you find and follow profiles you know from Instagram, and by helping them find and follow you.
    • Information From Third Party Services and Users: We collect information about the Third Party Services and Third Party Users who interact with Threads. If you interact with Threads through a Third Party Service (such as by following Threads users, interacting with Threads content, or by allowing Threads users to follow you or interact with your content), we collect information about your third-party account and profile (such as your username, profile picture, and the name and IP address of the Third Party Service on which you are registered), your content (such as when you allow Threads users to follow, like, reshare, or have mentions in your posts), and your interactions (such as when you follow, like, reshare, or have mentions in Threads posts).
  • App, browser, and device information: We collect and receive information from and about the different devices you use and how you use them, as further described in the Meta Privacy Policy. Learn more about how we use cookies and similar technologies in the Meta Cookies Policy.

How do we use this information?

We use the information we collect for Threads for the purposes described in the Meta Privacy Policy, including to provide, personalize, and improve Threads and other Meta Products (including seamless personalization of your experience across Threads and Instagram), to provide measurement, analytics and other business services (including ads), to promote safety, integrity and security, to communicate with you, and to research and innovate for social good.

How is information shared?

In addition to sharing information in the ways described in the Meta Privacy Policy, Threads information is shared in the following ways:
  • Public Information: Like on Instagram, some of your information on Threads is always public and available to anyone, on or off Meta Products, including your username, name, profile picture, and bio. For content you share, you can set the audience by choosing between a private or public profile. With a private profile, only followers you approve can see and interact with the content you share. With a public profile, anyone on or off Threads can see and interact with the content you share, including on Third Party Services (see below) and other Meta Products like Facebook. You can also restrict the audience for your content by blocking individual accounts from viewing them. Keep in mind that whether your profile is private or public, your username, name, profile picture, and bio remain public.
  • Sharing With Third-Party Services & Users: Threads is integrated with Third Party Services through an interoperable protocol. This means that you can use Threads to share content with people outside of Threads who are using Third Party Services (i.e., Third Party Users), such as by making your profile public or by approving followers from Third Party Services. It also means that you can interact with content and people from these Third Party Services, without having to leave Threads. When you interact with content or people from Third Party Services or otherwise make your content available to Third Party Services, please be aware that you are directing us to deliver your information to services not controlled by Meta as necessary to integrate with the interoperable protocol, so that your information can be stored and processed by the Third Party Services.
    • For example, when you have a follower who is a Third Party User, we will share a copy of your post and your information to this follower’s Third Party Service so that it can store, process, and deliver the post to your follower. Similarly, if you make your profile public and a Third Party User replies to or likes one of your posts (whether they follow you or not), we’ll send a copy of your post and your information to the applicable Third Party Service so that it can store and process the interaction, and we’ll collect similar information to show it on Threads.
    • As another example, when you like or reply to a post from a Third Party Service, you are asking us to share a copy of that like or reply to the Third Party Service so that it can be stored, processed, and delivered to the user and appear along with the post. We’ll receive similar information from the Third Party Service so that you can see the post and its comments.
    • The information we share with the Third Party Service will depend on your activity, but usually will include your profile information (such as your username, name, profile picture, and bio), and could also include things like the content of the comment, interaction, or post, including any attachments such as photos or videos; and certain metadata associated with your interaction, such as IP address of our Threads server and the timestamp of the interaction.
Please keep in mind that, because of Thread’s integration with Third Party Services, content you share is not limited to Meta and Threads users. Information sent to Third Party Services is no longer in Meta’s control and is subject to the terms and policies of those Third Party Services. People in your audience, including Third Party Users, can view your content and can choose to share it with others outside your audience.

How can you manage or delete your information and exercise your rights?

We offer you a variety of tools to view, manage, download, and delete your Threads information by visiting your Instagram Settings. You may also have other privacy rights under applicable laws. To exercise your rights, visit our Help Center, your settings for Threads and Instagram, and your device-based settings. Your Threads profile is part of your Instagram account and may be deleted at any time by deleting your Instagram account. You may also delete your Threads profile without deleting your Instagram account. Learn more about deleting your Threads profile or Instagram account and exercising your rights in the Help Center or Meta Privacy Policy.
If you are a Third Party User, our ability to verify your request may be limited and we may be unable to process your request. Please note, however, that the interoperable protocol allows Third Party Services to automatically send Threads requests for deletion of individual posts when those posts are deleted on the Third Party Service. We make reasonable efforts to honor such requests when we receive them. Contact your Third Party Service to learn more.

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