Secure an Ecommerce Domain

In order to use Instagram Shopping, the products tagged must direct to checkout on Instagram or direct to a domain you own and which has the products available for direct purchase. This means the URL for a given product in your catalog must link to your own branded site.

At this time, only one domain per Instagram account is permitted and only accounts within the same Business Manager can direct to the same domain. Regional domains and subdomains are supported.

  • For businesses that use a 3rd party platform to sell products: You may be asked to verify your business’ domain in Business Manager. Learn more.
  • For businesses that own your own website: Make sure that the products you’d like to tag from your catalog direct to the domain you’ve chosen for your account.
  • For businesses that don’t own an ecommerce domain: You may want to consider setting up an ecommerce website to continue using Instagram Shopping or using other Facebook commerce products which do not require a website. Learn more.
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