What happens when a deceased person's account is memorialized?

Here are some of the key features of memorialized accounts:

  • Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to log into a memorialized account.
  • The profile of a memorialized account doesn't appear differently from an account that hasn't been memorialized.
  • Posts the deceased person shared, including photos and videos, stay on Instagram and are visible to the audience they were shared with.
  • Memorialized accounts don't appear in public spaces, like people's Explore section.

Once memorialized, no one will be able to make changes to any of the account's existing posts or info. This includes:

  • Photos or videos added by the person to their profile.
  • Comments on posts shared by the person to their profile.
  • Privacy settings of their profile.
  • The current profile photo, followers or people the person follows.

If you feel that a post or comment on a memorialized profile doesn't follow our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, you may report it with the report feature located next to that post or comment.

Learn how to request the memorialization of a deceased person's account.

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