About Badges on Instagram

Getting Started

Instagram badges are a feature which allow you to show support to businesses and creators during a live video. When you purchase a badge during a live video, a heart icon appears next to your name in the comments.

Once purchased:

  • Badges will remain next to your name during the live.
  • Your hearts are highlighted during the live.
  • Your Instagram name appears on a list visible to the creator of that live video for up to 90 days.
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    You can only purchase and send a badge once during an Instagram live video. If you exit the video while it is still live, the badge will be visible to the creator and any viewers of that live video.

    Badges have the following levels:

    • One heart - $.99
    • Two hearts - $1.99
    • Three hearts - $4.99

    Once a badge is purchased:

    • A badge appears next to all your comments during the live video.
    • A special heart emoji appears for you within the comments section of the live video.
    • You are featured on a ‘supporter’ list that the creator of the live video can view for up to 90 days.

    Learn more about how to buy badges during a live.

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    To buy a badge during an Instagram live:

    1. Tap the user’s profile photo during a live.
    2. Creators who have badges enabled will have a button under the comments.
    3. Tap Buy a badge to support @creator.
    4. Select your badge.
    5. Follow the prompts in the Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).
    6. Add a comment.
    7. Tap Send.

    Learn more about how to use badges during a live.

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    When purchasing a badge during an Instagram live, you will be prompted to check out with:

    Payment methods for buying badges cannot be changed in Instagram. Please visit the Apple Store or Google Play to update your payment options.

    Learn how to view your receipts for badges purchased during a live.

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    You can visit the Google Play or Apple Store to view your order history.

    Learn which payment methods can be used to purchase badges during a live.

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    If you comment during a live:

  • Your badge will be displayed next to your username during the live video.
  • Everyone watching the live video can see your badge.
  • Creators who host live videos with badges can see a list of supporters and badges purchased during the live for up to 90 days.
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    Refunds for badges are not available through Instagram. For questions concerning purchases or refunds for badges, please visit the Google Play or Apple Store.

    Learn more about Instagram Badges.

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    Content that is reported or found to specifically violate our Community Guidelines or Content Monetization Policies is reviewed and potentially removed. Partners that don’t meet our Partner Monetization Policies cannot monetize their content, but are still able to share and post content.

    Content that violates our monetization policy may be allowed on the platform, if it does not violate our Community Guidelines. However, it remains ineligible for monetization. Some live videos may also be reviewed and flagged for violations, even if they are not reported to us.

    If you see someone's live video and think it goes against Instagram's Community Guidelines, you can report it.

    From the live video you want to report:

    1. Tap or click ... next to Comment at the bottom of the video.
    2. Tap Report (Instagram app) or Report Inappropriate (computer).
    3. Follow the prompts.

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    If you are having technical issues viewing your badge during a live, please report it directly:

    1. First, go to Settings.
    2. Select Help.
    3. Tap Report a Problem.
    4. Select Something Isn't Working.

    Reach out to us, if you need more support. Please try to include as much detail as possible. In some instances, it may take longer for us to investigate your report and respond.

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