I'm worried about someone after seeing content they've shared about suicide or self-injury. What can I do?

If someone you know is in immediate physical danger, please contact 911 or local law enforcement for help.

If the threat of physical danger isn't immediate, there are things you can do to help:

  • Report the content to us so we can reach out to this person with information that may be helpful to them
  • Share resources and contact information that this person may find helpful
  • Provide support to this person or contact a family member, friend, counselor or teacher, who may be able to provide support

Report the content

To report a post for suicide or self-injury:

  1. Tap [iOS] or [Android] above the post
  2. Tap Report
  3. Select It's Inappropriate > Self injury
  4. Tap Report [Android only]

Share Resources

Suicide Prevention


Eating Disorders

Provide Support

  • Take the experience seriously and view resources for responding to suicide warning signals.
  • If possible, make sure your friend doesn’t have easy access to firearms or large doses of medication.
  • Listen carefully, communicate care and avoid offering solutions unless your friend asks.
  • Validate your friend's emotions and let them know they're important to you.
  • Be available, both today and in the future. Follow up with your friend regularly to show that you care.
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