Report a Photo or Video for a Violation of Your Privacy Rights on Instagram

This form is reserved for people to report potential violations of their privacy rights concerning their image on Instagram. If you're writing in about something else, please return to our Help Center to find the appropriate help or contact form.
If someone's shared something on Instagram that you feel may violate your privacy rights, we encourage you to first reach out to the person who posted the photo or video and ask them to remove it. You can do this by commenting on a post they shared or by mentioning them on one of your own posts. To mention someone, type "@" followed by their username.
Note: The fastest way to try and resolve your issue may be reaching out to the person who posted the photo or video. Often people don't realize that a post they've shared may violate another's privacy.
We remove content if it's required by relevant privacy laws in the country you're writing from. If you're an adult writing in from the United States, we won't be able to remove this content for violating your privacy.

For legal and policy reasons, we can't take action on reports made on behalf of your child. Please help your child fill out this form.