Share a Live Shopping Video to IGTV on Instagram
Businesses and creators can tag products when they go live on Instagram. Once your Live Shopping video ends, you can share a replay of it to IGTV. People can find and view your live video with the tagged products replays on IGTV.
Before you begin
You must have access to Instagram Shopping to tag products.
Share a Live Shopping Video to IGTV
To share a Live Shopping Video to IGTV:
  1. At the end of your live shopping video, tap Share to IGTV at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You will also have the ability to Add Products to IGTV when publishing. This feature enables tagged and pinned product(s) in your live video to also be added to your IGTV video. If you toggle this option off, your live video will be shared to IGTV without tagged shopping products.
  3. You can also tap *Download Video* to save your live video to your camera roll without shopping products or tap *Delete Video*, then tap* Delete* to discard it.
Keep in mind:
  • Live shopping video replays won’t include any likes or comments from your original live video.
  • The number of viewers for your live shopping video will restart once you share it to IGTV.
  • You won’t be able to edit or trim your live shopping video before sharing it to IGTV.
  • If you chose to toggle off the option to Add Products to IGTV, your live video will be still be available on IGTV without the tagged and pinned product(s).
  • If you chose to Add Products to IGTV, people will be able to access the tagged products and pinned product(s) from your live shopping video via the shopping bag icon inline with the rest of the video controls on IGTV.
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