About Shops on Instagram
Shops are an easy way for you to create a customized digital storefront. Shops give you the ability to inspire your customers and help them find the products that are right for them. You can customize your shop layout, add collections, and set up a seamless shopping experience for people to discover and purchase your products. You can create your Shop from the Instagram app or set up your Shop in Commerce Manager.
Right now, Shops on Instagram are only available to view on the Instagram mobile app on Apple or Android devices. Customers can discover your shop on Instagram through the View Shop button on your profile.
Here’s an example of a shop on Instagram and collection:
You can customize your shop with Commerce Manager. Note: You can only use Commerce Manager on a computer.
With Commerce Manager, you can:
  • Manage inventory: Add and delete products from your catalog.
  • Create collections: Highlight the products you want to feature.
  • Customize your shop: Change the size of your text, buttons and links, and choose the color and appearance of your collections.
  • Promote your shop: Create ads to promote your shop.
For approved US businesses that use Instagram Shopping with Checkout, you can also use Commerce Manager to manage onsite transactions, order fulfillment and returns.
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