Troubleshoot Instagram Cross-posting Issues with Accounts Center

The following troubleshooting information only applies to teams using an Instagram personal or Creator account. These account types are able to cross-post Instagram to either a Facebook Page or a personal Facebook account.

When you add your Instagram and Facebook accounts to your Accounts Center, you’ll be able to share your Instagram posts and stories to Facebook. If multiple people have access to the same Instagram account and Facebook Page (for example, a team working for a media company or public figure), you may need to take additional steps to ensure someone doesn’t cross-post to the wrong Facebook account.

When you set up your Accounts Center, you’ll be prompted to log into your personal Facebook account. This step is required to confirm that your personal Facebook account has access to the Facebook Page you’d like to add. The next time you cross-post from your Instagram account, you’ll be able to select either your personal Facebook account or the Facebook Page as a destination for the content.

Keep in mind that you could accidentally share content intended for the Facebook Page to your personal Facebook account. However, if you do want to cross-post from your personal Instagram to your personal Facebook account, you may need to reset your Accounts Center.

Note: If you’re using an Instagram business account, you won’t risk accidentally cross-posting to a personal Facebook account because Instagram business accounts can only cross-post content to a Facebook Page.

To fix cross-posting issues with Accounts Center:

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