About Instagram Ads in the Meta Ad Library
To maintain advertising transparency on our platform, all active ads running on Instagram will appear in the Meta Ad Library. For additional transparency, all active and inactive ads about social issues, elections or politics will remain in the Library for 7 years.
When advertisers choose to advertise on Instagram, we typically require them to associate a Facebook Page with the Instagram account they are advertising from. This allows us to ensure the authenticity of the businesses that advertise on our platform. If you do not associate a Facebook Page with your Instagram account, we will list your advertisements under your Instagram handle in the Ad Library.
The Ad Library is:
  • Available to everyone. Anyone is able to view and search for ads in the Ad Library. However, if ads include certain types of content, like alcohol or gambling, we won't show the ad creative to people who are underage or aren't logged into Facebook.
  • Searchable. People are able to search for any term, name or Page in the Ad Library. For Instagram accounts that don’t have a linked Facebook Page, people will be able to search for an advertiser’s ad using their Instagram handle name.
For more information about using the Ad Library, visit the Meta Help Center.
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