What happens when I submit a trademark report to Instagram?
If you submitted a trademark report to us through our online form or via email, you’ll receive an automated email that contains information about your report, including a unique report number. You should save this number in case you need to contact us about your report.
Sometimes, we might respond to your report and ask for more information. If you receive an email from our team you should respond directly to that email. Once our team receives your response, they can continue to look into your report.
Please note that we regularly provide the person who posted the content with the following information about your report:
  • Report number
  • Rights owner's name
  • Email address provided by the reporting party
  • Details of the report
  • Instructions on how to submit an appeal
  • The person whose content was removed may contact you with the information you provide. For this reason, you may want to provide a valid generic business or professional email address in your report.
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