Messenger features on Instagram
This feature may be unavailable in Japan and for countries located in Europe.
Note: Messenger features on Instagram are only available on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone.
Messenger features on Instagram allow you to connect in new ways with friends who use Facebook and Instagram. You'll be able to use new messaging features like swipe to reply to messages, react with any emoji and chat with friends who use Facebook – all without leaving Instagram.
What's changing on Instagram?
You’ll automatically be able to:
  • Receive message requests and video chats from Facebook accounts directly on the Instagram app.
  • Be found by Facebook accounts based on your Instagram account’s public info (example: profile picture, username, bio).
  • Search for friends who use Messenger by typing their Facebook name.
If you want to reply to a message from or send a message to a Facebook account, you’ll need to update to Messenger features on Instagram.
Learn how to manage who can send you message requests and block accounts you don’t want to hear from.
What other Messenger features on Instagram will I have access to?
If you update to Messenger features on Instagram, you’ll have access to new messaging features. In chats with friends who use Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be able to:
  • Send messages, disappearing messages and start video chats
  • Reshare posts
  • Change your chat theme
  • React with any emoji and add effects to your messages
  • Send animated selfie stickers
  • Watch videos together
  • Swipe to reply to messages
Note that certain Messenger features on Instagram are not available in chats with more than 2 people.
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