About connecting a Facebook Page to your Instagram professional account
Professional accounts on Instagram can be connected to a Facebook Page. When you choose to connect to a Facebook Page, this allows you to use your professional account for the ads you create on Facebook. Learn more about professional accounts on Instagram
By connecting a Facebook Page to your Instagram professional account, you'll be able to:
  • Promote your posts and stories. In some regions, you'll need to claim a Facebook Page in order to advertise from Instagram.
  • Get started with shopping on Instagram. In addition to meeting business requirements, you will need to have a linked Facebook Page to set up shopping on Instagram.
  • Run Instagram and Facebook ads from your Page. From your Page, you can create ads that will appear on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Post efficiently. When your Page and professional account are linked, you can share posts on both platforms. If you choose to advertise from your Facebook Page, you can also reach more people with your ads because they can also run on Instagram.
  • Conveniently pay for promotions. By linking Facebook and Instagram, you'll be able to use the payment method you use on Facebook on Instagram. You can also pay for promotions from the Instagram app, if that works better for your business.
  • Manage your messages. When you link Facebook and Instagram, you can manage your messages across Messenger and Instagram from a single unified inbox.
  • Gain access to cross-app tools. By linking Facebook and Instagram, you’ll gain access to tools such as appointment booking buttons, donation stickers and camera effects.
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