What does Meta Pay do with my payment information?
When you make payments with Meta Pay, we’ll collect information about the purchase like transaction date, billing, shipping and contact details. Sellers may only use your email address for marketing purposes if you opt in during the checkout process. Merchants and sellers can also see public information.
Your payment method (example: credit card or bank account information) will be stored in a separate, secured network. The credit card and bank account numbers you provide will not be used to personalize your experience or inform the ads we show you.
As with our other products, the actions you take on Facebook and Instagram, including with Meta Pay, can be used for purposes such as to deliver you more relevant content and ads, to provide customer support, and to promote safety and integrity (e.g., to investigate violations of our payments policies). Your payment card and bank account numbers will not be shared with anyone for marketing purposes without your consent.
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