How can I appeal a false information rating on Instagram?

At Instagram, we're committed to reducing the spread of false information.

You may come across a post on Instagram that’s been marked as false information by an independent third-party fact checker. We work with 45 third-party fact-checkers across the globe who are certified through the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network to help identify, review and label false information.

When third-party fact checkers identify false information on Instagram, we make it harder to find by filtering it from Explore and Hashtags, and reducing its visibility in Feed and Stories. We also help people to decide for themselves what to read, trust and share by giving them more information on posts with false information warnings.

Some false information ratings are eligible for appeal. If you believe the fact-checker's rating is inaccurate, you can submit an appeal:

  1. Tap at the top.
  2. Tap the false information notification.
  3. Tap Full fact-check.
  4. Tap send them an email to send an email directly to the third-party fact checking organization to dispute your posts’ rating. Note: You'll only have this option if your post is eligible for appeal.

Keep in mind, to dispute a rating, you must clearly explain why the original rating was inaccurate. For the global list of third-party fact checking organizations and their contact info, please visit the Facebook Help Center.

Accounts that repeatedly share false information and their posts won't appear in certain places on Instagram. Deleting posts that contain false information won't affect these restrictions. Deleted posts can't be appealed with the independent fact-checkers.

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