Request a review of a fact-check rating on Instagram
This information is only for requesting review of a fact-checked rating on your content. For all other reviews, visit the Instagram Help Center.
At Instagram, we're committed to reducing the spread of false information. You may come across a post or ad on Instagram that’s been marked as false information by an independent third-party fact checker or matched by Instagram’s technology to an existing fact-checker rating.
We help people to decide for themselves what to read, trust and share by giving them more information on posts with false information warnings. Some false information ratings are eligible for review by the fact-checking partner or Meta. You can request a review if you corrected the rated content or ad, or believe the rating is inaccurate.
  • Corrections: To become eligible for a correction, you should correct the false content. For stories, add a subsequent story with the correct info saying you made a correction. For corrections to image or video posts, update the caption to correct the false content and clearly state that a correction was made. You can also link to an additional post that includes an updated, accurate version of the image or video, or to a fact-checked article.
  • Disputes: To dispute a rating, you must clearly indicate why the original rating was inaccurate. Include a link to a source that supports your explanation for why a rating is inaccurate.
To request a review of content:
  1. Tap at the top.
  2. Tap the false information notification.
  3. Tap Request review at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the option for why you are requesting a review.
To request a review of your ad:
Fact-checkers will only process reviews for content they have directly rated. Meta will process reviews for content matched by Instagram’s technology to an existing fact-checker rating.
Posts from accounts that repeatedly share false information won't appear in certain places on Instagram. Additional restrictions might apply to these accounts. For example, other Instagram users may not be able to tag or mention an account that has repeatedly shared false information.
Guidelines for requesting a review
  • You can request a review of a fact-check rating once.
  • Submit your review within 7 days of receiving a rating notification. We can’t guarantee that the review will be processed after this 7 day window.
  • Keep the original post or ad that you’re requesting a review for. If you delete the post or ad, fact-checkers and Meta are not able to process your review. A deleted post or ad that contains fact-checked false information won’t affect account restrictions. A deleted post or ad also doesn’t eliminate the strike against the account. Over time, accounts can restore their distribution and advertising abilities if they do not continue to share fact-checked false content.
  • Make sure to include all relevant information in your requested review so fact-checkers or Meta can process your review and avoid delays. Meta will automatically reject requests for reviews after 14 days if they have not yet been processed.
Review process
  • Fact-checkers aren’t required to respond to requested reviews that include harassment, hate speech, or other threatening language.
  • Fact-checkers try to process requested reviews within 3 business days and will notify you of their decision.
  • If your content is rated by multiple organizations, your requested review will automatically be sent to every fact-checker that rated your post. Every fact-checker must update their ratings for the enforcement to be lifted.
What happens after a requested review has been processed?
If a fact-checker or Meta decides to change a rating based on a correction or dispute:
  • Meta will remove the information label and stop reducing the distribution of the post.
  • Ads associated with the post or account may be allowed to run.
  • We will no longer count the fact check rating as a strike against our policies.
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