Requirements for Advertising Instagram Shopping Posts

To advertise your Instagram shopping posts, your business and ad set up need to meet some requirements. You must:

  • Have Instagram Shopping already set up. Only businesses that have completed set up and are approved for Instagram Shopping are eligible to run their shopping posts as ads.
  • Use an existing post. Advertisers must select an organic shopping post that has that has never been run as an ad through "use existing post" functionality beforehand. At this time, you can only use single image posts as ads. Video, carousel or branded content posts are not supported.
  • Create the ad in Ads Manager. You can only use Ads Manager to create ads from shopping posts. At the ad set level, you’ll be able to select Use Existing Post and choose an existing shopping post from your business’s Instagram handle.
  • Select Instagram Feed as the only placement. Shopping Posts can only run as ads with tags in Instagram feed. If other placements are selected, your ad will render on those other placements without product tags but will contain a call-to-action button to your business’s website.
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