About Instagram Insights
This feature is only available on the Instagram mobile app.
Certain Messaging-related metrics, ad campaigns, and organic messaging features for businesses and ads delivered to and from Europe and Japan will be unavailable.
You can use Instagram insights to learn more about overall trends across your followers and your content’s performance with your audience. You can also view insights for specific posts, Stories, videos, reels, and Live videos you've created to see how each one performed and how people engaged with them. Insights are free and available only for business or creator accounts.
You can view insights from your profile in the Instagram App. Here, you’ll have access to a summary page, as well as tappable metrics that lead to different screens with more details. On each of these screens, you can tap the (i) in the top right corner to see definitions for each metric listed on the screen. You can also tap the drop-down at the top of the screen to select a preset or custom timeframe, within the past 90 days, for when to view insights.
The following insights are available for professional accounts on Instagram:
  • Recent Highlights: This section announces any notable increases in account performance in your selected preset or custom timeframe within the past 90 days.
  • Overview: This section showcases the number of accounts reached, accounts engaged, total followers and approximate earnings (if applicable) for your selected preset or custom timeframe within the past 90 days. Aggregated demographic data is based on a number of factors, including information users provide in their Facebook and Instagram profiles. You can tap on each of these metrics for a more detailed breakdown.
    • Accounts Reached or Accounts Engaged: When you tap on these metrics, you’ll see demographic information on the accounts you’ve reached or engaged, including top countries, top cities, top age ranges and gender breakdown. To view audience demographics, you’ll need to use preset timeframes and reach or engage over 100 accounts. If you can't see audience demographics for the Last 7 Days, you can try choosing a longer preset timeframe such as Last 30 Days, Previous Month or Last 90 Days. Note that these metrics are estimated and in-development.
    • Total Followers: When you tap on this metric, you can learn more about trends across your followers when you have at least 100 followers. These insights include growth (how many followers you've gained or lost), top locations of your followers, age range and times they're most active on Instagram.
  • Content You Shared: This section showcases the content you’ve posted and boosted across feed, stories and video for your selected preset or custom timeframe within the past 90 days. If you want to see all the posts, Stories, videos, reels, and Live videos on your account, you can tap under each content type to go to the media library. Here, you can view and filter all your content by media type, reach, interactions and time frame.
You can also tap View Insights under individual posts, videos, and reels, or swipe up on your stories and IG Live videos, to view insights specific to that piece of content, including:
  • Accounts engaged: This section includes the number of accounts that interacted with your content. You can also see this metric broken down into followers and non-followers. Note that this metric is only available for posts, stories and IG Live videos.
  • Content Interactions: This section displays what actions people take when they engage with your content, such as likes, comments, saves, shares and replies.
  • Ad: This section will provide more information on your post if it’s been boosted.
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