How do I view someone's live video?

When someone you follow shares a live video, their profile picture will appear at the top of Feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live. Tap their profile picture to view their live video.

While viewing someone's live video, you can tap Comment at the bottom of the screen to leave a comment, and to like their video. Anyone who's viewing the video can see when you like or comment. You can also tap the screen to hide comments and likes.

Keep in mind that when you start viewing a live video, the person sharing and anyone else who's viewing may be able to see that you've joined.

If someone has shared a live video replay to their story, you'll see it at the top of feed with a play button and colorful ring around it. While viewing someone's live video replay, you can tap the right or left side of the screen to skip forwards or backwards. If someone has shared multiple live video replays, you can tap the arrows at the top of the screen to skip between them.

While you can't comment on a live video replay, you can respond to someone's replay by sending a message in Direct.

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