What is "About This Account" on Instagram?
This feature is only available for the Instagram app on iOS and Android. It isn't available on Instagram Lite.
We know you come to Instagram to connect with the people and things you love, and we are committed to helping ensure our community is well informed about interactions on the platform. To align with this goal, logged-in users can now view additional information for some accounts on Instagram. When you go to “About This Account” you will be able to view the following:
  • Date Joined: This is the date the account was created. This helps people understand how long the account has been on Instagram.
  • Country: This is the country location based on the account's activity. This helps people understand if the account is accurately representing their location on Instagram.
  • Former Usernames: This includes changes made to the account's username, and helps people identify whether the account is authentic or misleading.
  • Accounts With Shared Followers: People will be able to see other public accounts that have the most followers in common with the account they're viewing. This helps people identify accounts with similar interests.
  • Active Ads: People will be able to see all of an account’s active ads in the Facebook Ad Library.

How does this impact me as an advertiser?

This feature does not surface your ad's targeting, budget or spend. You will keep control of those details. You will not be billed for people viewing your active ads through this feature.
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