About Instagram Subscriptions
This feature may not be available to you yet.
Subscriptions give you access to exclusive content from creators on Instagram. You can use Subscriptions to support creators on Instagram by paying a monthly Subscription fee.
When you subscribe, you’ll also get a subscriber badge subscriber badge and will appear when you comment on the creator’s post or send them a direct message.
Note: Facebook Subscriptions are separate from Instagram Subscriptions and will feature access to different creators.
Benefits of Instagram Subscriptions
Subscribing to a creator gives you access to subscriber-only content, including exclusive:
  • Stories
  • Lives
  • Reels
  • Posts
  • Subscriber-only social channels
  • Subscriber-only broadcast channels
Subscribers are the only people who can view the exclusive content posted by creators. However, you may be able to see a preview of up to 3 posts of this content on creator profiles before subscribing.
If you follow creators who offer Subscriptions on Instagram, you may see an Available Subscriptions section on your feed. From here, you can subscribe to those creators to access their exclusive content and see a list of other creators who offer content that you may also be interested in.
If you don't see the option to subscribe to a creator on their profile, that creator may not have Subscriptions enabled yet. See why you’re unable to subscribe to a creator
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