Add music, effects and more to your reel on Instagram
If you're not seeing the music sticker in Reels, make sure your app is updated to the latest version by visiting the App Store or Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the music sticker isn't available to everyone.
When you record a reel, you’ll see a tool menu on the left. You can tap:
  • to search for a song in our music library. You can choose which part of the song you want to play. If lyrics are available for the song you select, you can customize how the lyrics show up on your reel by choosing the font style and using the slider to pick which lyrics you want to show on your reel.
  • effects to find and add a camera effect. Swipe up to scroll through popular effects or tap search to search for more effects.
  • reply to add an Add Your sticker. Scroll through the list of popular Add Yours stickers and tap the one you want to include.
  • to change the speed of your reel. This will affect both the video and audio of your clip.
  • layout to change the layout of your reel. You'll be able to select a different grid layout or scale for your reel below.
  • to choose the length of your clip. When you return to your clip, you see a countdown before your clip starts recording.
  • dual camera to record a reel using the front and back camera on your device at the same time.
  • to see the end of your last clip. You can use the transparent photo to align your next clip before recording. This will only appear after you record your first clip.
Note that you can also record a reel with your own audio. Learn more about using audio in your reel and who can see your reels.
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