What can I find in the Voting Information Center on Instagram?

The Voting Information Center has content about voting and elections for the 2020 US Election based on your location.

This includes information like:

  • Where to vote in your state
  • The type of identification you need to vote
  • Other information about how you can vote in your location, like voting by mail and early voting

Where does Instagram get this information?

The info on the Voting Information Center comes from state and local governments as well as non-partisan partners including Ballotpedia, CTCL DemocracyWorks, VoteRiders and Bipartisan Policy Center. These partners work closely with state and local governments to gather data about voting and local elections.

Can other people on Instagram see my activity in the Voting Information Center?

No, your followers and other Instagram users will not see when you check your registration status, change your voting location or click on information about voting.

What if I can't vote or I’m outside the United States?

The Voting Information Center is viewable by everyone on Instagram and has information about voting overseas.

What information does Instagram use to show me content in the Voting Information Center?

On Instagram, we use your location data to show you election-related information, such as registration, vote-by-mail, and Election Day reminders in your state.

The location information you provide for voting and election features on Instagram isn't displayed to other people on Instagram.

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