What can I find in the Voting Information Center on Instagram?

This feature may be unavailable in Japan and for countries located in Europe.

The Voting Information Center has up-to-date results of the 2020 US Election based on your location.

This includes information about Presidential, Senate and House races and facts about the election.

Where does Instagram get this information?

Election results data is imported directly from Reuters. We will not declare a winner until Reuters, the Associated Press and six other major media outlets have confirmed the results.

Facts about the election come from the Bipartisan Policy Center who works closely with state and local governments to gather data about voting and elections.

Can other people on Instagram see my activity in the Voting Information Center?

No, your followers and other Instagram users will not see when you click on information about voting.

How do I hide reminders about elections on Instagram?

You may see reminders on Instagram for things like election results or posts about the election. You can remove reminders at the top of your Instagram feed by tapping "X" to the right of the reminder. At this time, banners about the election on posts in your feed cannot be hidden or removed.

We send these reminders to keep people informed during an election. We aren't paid to provide these reminders.

What information does Instagram use to show me content in the Voting Information Center?

On Instagram, we use your location data to show you election-related information, such as presidential election results and Senate or House race results in your state.

The location information you provide for voting and election features on Instagram isn't displayed to other people on Instagram.

If the location listed in the Voting Information Center is incorrect, you can update it at any time to receive accurate information about election results in your state.

To edit your voting location from the Instagram app for Android or iPhone:

  1. Tap instagram-user-profile or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap Voting Information Center at the bottom.
  3. Tap Change State at the top then follow the on-screen instructions.

How does Instagram know my location?

Instagram collects location-related information from people in three different ways:

  • When people enable Location Services on their device. Keep in mind that you can turn location services on or off at any time .
  • Through people’s activity on our services. Even if someone does not enable Location Services, Instagram may still gather information about their location based on information that they and others provide through their activities and connections on our services.
  • From IP addresses. In addition to the two prior methods, we also receive IP addresses and other network information when people’s devices connect to Instagram servers. The transmission of IP addresses is an inherent feature of how the internet works, and internet services use the IP address to deliver services to people. Anyone can see this type of location-related information associated with an IP address through standard networking tools available on most computers.
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