Why was my fundraiser denied or removed from Instagram?
Personal and nonprofit fundraisers may be removed from Instagram for any of the following reasons:
  • The person who started the fundraiser deleted it.
  • The person who started the fundraiser deactivated or deleted an Instagram account associated with the fundraiser.
  • The fundraiser isn’t for a type of cause that’s allowed.
  • The fundraiser doesn’t follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines.
  • The fundraiser goes against our Personal Fundraiser Terms of Service.
  • A valid bank account wasn’t added within 90 days of the fundraiser receiving its first donation.
  • The person who started the fundraiser didn’t respond to a notification from Instagram to confirm information needed to pay out the funds.
  • Fundraising or donating to fundraisers on Instagram is not currently available in the country where the fundraiser is being created. See the countries where fundraising and donating are currently available.
Note that all donations are automatically refunded when a personal fundraiser is removed before payout. If you have any concerns about a fundraiser on Instagram, let us know.
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