Data used to suggest content from your camera roll
You can find suggested reels the Instagram app has prepared from you from your camera roll.
Permissions, access, and data
If you give Instagram permission to access metadata about the photos and videos on your device's camera, we can use this data to group the media in your camera roll and suggest content you can share as stories, posts or suggested reels.
Some of the metadata that the Instagram app uses to suggest reels includes:
  • How recently your photo or video was taken
  • Where your photo or video was taken
  • Photos or videos you favorited
  • The presence of people or animals
How the app prepares reels
To see and share reels that Instagram prepares for you, you must allow the Instagram app to access metadata about the photos and videos on your device’s camera to suggest content. Learn how to allow the app to access this metadata for us to make these suggestions.
The app uses photos and videos from your device’s camera roll to create reels and suggest them to you. Suggested reels are only shared to Instagram if you choose to post them. You can view, edit, and save your suggested reels without posting them.
Learn how to view suggested reels.
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