How do I report an account that violates Instagram’s policy for Badges?

Content that is reported or found to specifically violate our Community Guidelines or Content Monetization Policies is reviewed and potentially removed. Partners that don’t meet our Partner Monetization Policies cannot monetize their content, but are still able to share and post content.

Content that violates our monetization policy may be allowed on the platform, if it does not violate our Community Guidelines. However, it remains ineligible for monetization. Some live videos may also be reviewed and flagged for violations, even if they are not reported to us.

If you see someone's live video and think it goes against Instagram's Community Guidelines, you can report it.

From the live video you want to report:

  1. Tap or click ... next to Comment at the bottom of the video.
  2. Tap Report (Instagram app) or Report Inappropriate (computer).
  3. Follow the prompts.

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