How does my nonprofit receive donations made on Instagram?
Donations on Instagram Stories and Live isn't available to everyone.
Once money raised for your organization reaches the $100 or equivalent minimum donation payout amount, it becomes eligible for a payout. Funds will roll over until the payout amount reaches the $100 threshold per nonprofit.
Payouts take 2 weeks to process and will occur bi-weekly as an ACH or direct deposit to your organization's bank account.
Funds donated the 1–15th of a month are generally paid out during the first 5 days of the following month. Funds donated on or after the 16th are generally paid out during the 16-20th of the following month. Example: A $100 donation made on January 1 would be paid out to your nonprofit between February 1-5.
If your nonprofit has questions or requires support, please contact us on Facebook.
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