Update the Website Domain for Products in Your Catalog

To use your catalog for a shop on Facebook or Instagram, your items must come from a single website domain that you own. For example, if your domain is jaspersmarket.com, your product links must be on that domain, such as http://www.jaspersmarket.com/clothing/blue_shirt. When you set up a shop, you’ll see a list of all domains in your catalog and you'll need to choose a primary domain. This is the only domain you’ll be able to send people to when they click or tap on the products in your shop or tag on Instagram. You won't be able to add or tag or any products that link to a different domain.

Links should use the same website domain that you added in your Business Settings under Brand Safety > Domains. Links must start with http:// or https:// and direct customers to a page where they can learn more about the item. Subdomains and regional domains are supported. If you use a web host or other partner platform, make sure it supports the ability for you to verify your domain if needed. Your domain must also have products available for direct sale.

Note: Your product links can’t direct people to a website domain claimed by another business or one owned by Facebook, such as a link to a Facebook business Page.

To update the domain for products in your catalog:

  1. Go to your catalog in Commerce Manager or on the partner platform you use.
  2. Update the links for your products to be from one domain. There are several ways to do this:
    • Update your data feed: If you use a data feed to manage your catalog items, edit your data feed. Check the image_link field in your data feed and change any links that don't go to your primary domain.
    • Edit items manually: If you added items to your catalog manually, you can edit them manually. Change the links for any items that don't go your primary domain.
    • Use a partner platform: If you host products on a partner platform, you’ll need to work with that platform to set a website domain.

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