Add or Hide Products in Collections and in Your Shop

When you tag products and product collections in your posts and stories, these products will also appear in your shop. If your Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop are linked, when you add or hide products or collections from Instagram it will also add or hide the same products or collections on Facebook. This is also linked to the information from your product catalog. If you host your products on a third-party platform, you'll need to adjust your settings there and in your catalog.

When you add a collection, you can feature it at the top of your Instagram Shop.

To add or hide products and collections in your shop:

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Tap View Shop.
  3. Tap instagram-menu-hamburger.
  4. Tap Manage Products.
    • To hide a product, search for the product and tap Hide.
    • To add the product back to your Shop, tap Add Products. Find the product in your catalog you would to add to your Shop.
  5. Tap Done.

When you hide a collection, the products in that collection will remain visible to customers in your shop. When you hide a product from your shop, it will also be hidden from product collections. People will still be able to find your product in their shopping bag, Direct messages, recently viewed and order history. You can add products and collections back to your shop at any time.

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