Earn money with affiliate on Instagram
Instagram’s affiliate program ended in August 2022. You’ll no longer be able to tag commission-eligible products in your content and existing content will no longer earn commission. Learn more.
As an Instagram affiliate creator, you can earn commission when people purchase eligible products from your shop, or from tagged Feed posts, Reels, Stories or Live broadcasts.
Eligibility requirements for affiliate on Instagram
You will need to meet the following affiliate eligibility requirements:
  • You must have a professional (business or creator) profile to access the professional dashboard at the top of your profile.
    Content and commission incentives from Meta will no longer be available after June 30. Creators will still be able to earn commission on eligible affiliate sales.
  • Review the requirements to get started.
  • You must set up on the professional dashboard to tag products and receive earnings to your payout account.
Note: To prevent confusion, affiliate creators are only able to tag products using affiliate tags. This means that once you become an affiliate creator, you will be unable to tag products outside the affiliate program, but will instead be able to tag eligible products to earn commission.
How to set up affiliate on Instagram
To set up affiliate on the professional dashboard:
  1. Go to Get started with affiliate and select Get Started.
  2. Review and accept the Terms.
  3. Select your country and business type (Individual or Business Owner).
    Note: If you’re a business owner, the next page will ask you to confirm you’re the legal owner. Enter your legal and tax information.
  4. Add a payout method.
    Note: You can edit your payout method later under Settings.
  5. Tap Done.
You can now use product tags to share affiliate products in your content, and create a shop with recommended products to share with your followers.
You can access insights about your affiliate content in the professional dashboard. You'll also receive a weekly email with insights.
How to find affiliate products to share on Instagram
To find shops and products you can tag on the professional dashboard:
  1. Go to affiliate and select affiliate products.
  2. Choose from the available list of shops, followed by a list of available products or collections.
    Note: You can also search for shops and products by name.
When you tap Save on the product page, they will be added to your Wishlist.
About affiliate commissions and payments
Affiliate payouts and invoices happen monthly, with commission added to your invoice according to the payout timeline for affiliate.
You will receive a remittance once you have earned at least USD 30.
You can view your earnings and other affiliate insights in the professional dashboard.
Commissions vary by shop. You can view commission rates when you search for shops in the Instagram app.
Note: Commissions only apply to purchases made on Instagram.
Earn additional payments
Note: Content and commission incentives from Meta will no longer be available after June 30. If you have earnings from before this date, they will still be paid out.
As an affiliate creator, you are currently eligible to receive payment from Meta in addition to the commissions you earn from product sales.
This additional payment has two parts:
  1. An approximate commission match, which is a payment from Meta that matches your earned commissions.
  2. A content supplement, which Meta will pay you for each new piece of affiliate content.
At present, Meta will pay USD 40 for each affiliate post or live video, up to a total of 10 a month. This means you can earn an additional payment for your affiliate content of up to USD 400 a month.
Separately, you will also additionally receive a one time, extra payment of USD 200 for your first affiliate Reel.
Note: You need to continue to meet the affiliate eligibility criteria to receive any additional payments from Meta.
You can view your earnings and other affiliate insights in the Professional Dashboard.
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