What happens if I receive a warning for violating someone else’s trademark rights?

When we receive a report from someone claiming that content on the site infringes their trademark, we may need to immediately remove that content from Instagram without contacting you first.

If we remove your content because of a trademark claim, you’ll receive a warning from Instagram that includes the contact information of the person or company who made the report. If you believe the content should not have been removed, you can follow up with them directly to try to resolve the issue.

If the content is removed based on United States trademark rights, you will also be able to contact Instagram directly if you believe the content should not have been removed. In that event, we’ll include instructions for how to contact us in the warning message we send you. Our team will review your submission, and if we determine that your content should not have been removed, we will restore it and notify the reporting party that we have restored that content.

It’s our policy to disable the accounts of people who repeatedly infringe others’ intellectual property rights when appropriate. Please make sure that all content you’ve posted and will post in the future doesn’t violate or infringe the rights of others.

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