What is an InstaMeet?
An InstaMeet is a way for people in the Instagram community to meet one another and take photos around their city together.
How to participate
  • To join an InstaMeet, try typing in #instameet in Search and find your city (example: #instameetlondon).
  • Once you've found your city's InstaMeet, help spread the word on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you can. (See below for more tips.)
  • Join up with other Instagrammers on your city’s meetup day, get inspired and make new friends.

Things to remember

  • Keep it simple: The goal is to get other Instagrammers together to meet one another, so meeting in a bar or park is a great option for your first InstaMeet meetup. There’s always time to organize more elaborate meetups.
  • Don’t be afraid to start small: Two or three people is still a meetup.

Ideas for your meetup

  • Meet at a bar or park: Start casually and discuss your favorite filters and photo techniques with other Instagrammers.
  • Photowalk: Pick a route in your city and spend an hour or two snapping photos with other Instagrammers.
  • Scavenger Hunt: The NYC Instagram crew organized a photo scavenger hunt. Over 50 people participated, snapping photos of everything from “someone eating a hot dog” to “5 or more strangers in a conga line.”

Spread the Word

  • #instameet: Use the #instameet tag on all photos/tweets you share related to your InstaMeet meetup.
  • #instameetyourcity: Also use a city-specific tag, such as #instameetlondon, so that you can keep track of all posts related to your city’s InstaMeet meetup on Instagram.
  • Make an announcement: Post a note to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook that you want to have a meetup in your town and @ mention users you follow in your city.
  • Ask others to share: After you post your announcement, encourage others to reshare the image with their followers (after you post the photo, tap on iPhone or on Android above the photo to copy the Share URL, and then paste that URL in a comment on your photo).
  • Find Instagrammers in your city: When you add a location tag in Instagram to your photos, you can click on that location to see other images posted there. You can also search hashtags to see if places near you are mentioned. Talk to the people who’ve posted at the same spots as you and direct them to your city’s meetup page.
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