How can I or my teen report abusive behavior or inappropriate/offensive material on Instagram?
We ask that all people follow our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. If your teen encounters someone on Instagram who's not following these guidelines or Terms, they can report that person's posts directly from Instagram.
People can report abusive behavior or posts with our built-in reporting. This includes nude photos, abuse and excessive spam. Reporting is totally anonymous. No information about the reporter is sent to the person whose account or photo has been reported.
To report a photo:
  1. Tap (iPhone) or(Android) above the photo you'd like to report and then tap Report.
To report a comment:
  1. Tap below the image, swipe left (iPhone) or tap (Android) on the comment you'd like to report, tap ! and then choose Report this comment or Block.
Please also talk to your kids and educate them about internet safety. If they're experiencing abuse from other people on Instagram, ask them to use blocking and our privacy settings.
There are also lots of great online resources with more information for parents on bullying:
It's important to note that if your teen is a victim of abusive behavior on our service, we're unable to provide non-public information (like the offending person’s email address) without a search warrant or subpoena from law enforcement. If there's an emergency, we suggest contacting your local police department. Get more information about law enforcement.
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