About group fundraiser on Instagram
You can invite other people to join your fundraiser and raise money with you for nonprofits on Instagram.
Group fundraisers are only available for nonprofit fundraising.
About group fundraisers
When you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit or charitable cause, you can invite other people to join the fundraiser and fundraise with you.
The people who accept your invitation will have the fundraiser appear in their bio, their name will appear as part of the fundraising group, and they’ll be able to share the fundraiser.
Group members can:
  • Share the fundraiser on posts
  • Share the fundraiser on Live videos
  • Add the fundraiser to Stories
Group members can leave a group fundraiser at any time.
Who can create and join group fundraisers
To create a group fundraiser:
  • You must be in a country or region where fundraising is available
  • Your account must be public
To join a group fundraiser, you must be in a country or region where fundraising is available. Private accounts may join a public group fundraiser and will appear on the fundraiser page as a group member.
Who can manage the fundraiser
Only the person who creates the fundraiser can manage it. Group fundraisers are managed in the same way that other nonprofit fundraisers are managed on Instagram.
Management of a fundraiser includes:
  • Inviting other people to join a fundraiser
  • Removing members
  • Ending a fundraiser early
  • Extending a fundraiser
  • Deleting a fundraiser
  • Editing the name, goal amount, or other info about a fundraiser
Learn more about how to manage a fundraiser.
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