Create Instagram Posts with Reminders for your Event
This feature is only available to professional accounts on Instagram.
As a creator or brand, you can now create Instagram posts with reminders for your upcoming events, such as performances, TV show premieres or sporting events. People who see the post can tap on the bell icon in the bottom left corner of the post to opt into receiving reminders for your event. You can add a reminder to a branded content post and a post with product tags. You can also share a post with a reminder to Stories. Keep in mind that you can’t turn a post with a reminder into an ad.
Note that you must create the post at least 1 hour, and at most 3 months, before the event. The event time will be set in the time zone of the device that you use to create the post, but people will see the event in their local time. For example, if you’re in New York City and select 8pm as the event time, the event time will be set as 8pm EST. But someone who’s in Los Angeles will see the event time as 5pm PST.
Create Instagram posts with reminders for your event
To create Instagram posts with reminders for your event:
  1. Create a new Instagram Feed post.
  2. Under New Post, tap Add Reminder.
  3. Input your Event Title and select your Start Time. You can also include an optional End Time.
  4. Finish creating your post and tap Share.
Now, people who see your Instagram post can choose to receive a reminder for your event. They’ll receive three notifications for the event: an activity feed notification 24 hours before the event, an activity feed and push notification 15 minutes before the event and an activity feed and push notification at the time of the event.
After you’ve added a reminder to a post, you can create additional posts with reminders for the same event. Select Add Reminder and choose one of your existing events from the list, instead of adding new event details.
If you’d like to edit or delete a reminder, tap on ... on the top right corner of the post and select Edit. Then, tap on the line with the event name and time to edit the event details or delete the event.
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